you're beautiful episode 3

He tries to tell himself its nothing: Shin-woo hyung is just being nice!
Then what if they insist that he confused Mi-nam with someone else?
He hits himself for thinking bad thoughts, feeling guilty for doubting his hyungs intentions.Han Eun-young works as a clerk at a bank, trying to pay off the debts her step-mother and sister have piled on her.There were two rings given to her and Mi-nam, symbolic of their parents.He provides for his father, his older brother and his wife, as well as his younger brother.Come out now, and shows her the ring.A photo shoot has the group posing in a swimming pool, which is a concept that thoroughly amuses Tae-kyung because he knows a swimsuit shoot would expose Mi-nam.Tearing up, she says, I understand.Tae-kyungs uncomfortable expression to Mi-nyeos teary hug (above) is one of my favorite moments in this episode.Arent we all just suckers for them?) I think guilt is a great emotion to introduce into their dynamic, because thats something he cant ignore.But an ill-timed bathroom break means that she misses the arrival of the three LL members, so she passes an envelope to a delivery man, asking him to make sure Mi-nam gets.
Your mother left you behind so thats the end of that, and thats the end of your ring, too.
Another cute, funny episode.
(Its also a clever way of getting Mi-nyeo to win their wager and force him to let her stay.) related posts.
He corners her and approaches menacingly (and good lordy does Jang Geun-seok have a frightening scowl and grabs the camera/phone.
Anger suggests hurt, and he flashes back to a childhood memory of being home alone, seeing his mother onscreen because she was never around in person.
We wouldnt have a Hong sisters drama without a collection of pop culture parodies, and the first comes as Hoon-yi imagines locking up Tae-kyung.Arriving separately, Tae-kyung happens to glimpse Mi-nam running down the street, toward the subway station, and wonders what thats all about.Shes perfectly cool, and points out that he stayed even knowing she was staying here Wasnt that because you were hoping you might run into me?Jeremys horror grows when he then catches Tae-kyung talking to Mi-nam.It would be too long!He warns himself, Theres definitely something weird auto mix dj player with that guy.If I could just hear news of her, Id be happy with that.Even if she came, you wont be here.I have a reason to stay here.On the way, she runs into Sung-chan, who is ready to hear what she has to say.When that thought unsettles him, he brushes it aside, telling himself its a good thing he decided not to get involved.