windows server 2008 r2 cal requirements

Citrix, GraphOn, 2X to name a few).
External users must be offsite.
This is one scenario and licensing situation.A4 - CALs (for Windows Server, Windows Server RDS, Exchange Server, SharePoint, SQL, Lync, etc.) can be used only to access organization owned servers. .6 Can I use my CALs to access someone elses server?For example, if 10 people, using 10 different devices are employed to manage their servers - a total of 8 additional user or device CALs will be required. .The one caveat is, if your users who use the printer have CALs then the printer is covered by their use via their CALs.Because ECs are substitutes for a theoretically unlimited number of CALs, they are usually more costly than the server licenses themselves.
You must assign each CAL to a user or device, as appropriate, and each External Connector License to a Licensed Server.
Devices that do virtua fighter 3d game not connect to the network or the server software (generally referred to as peripherals) do not require CALs.
Note the external user CAL exception for the products mentioned above apply only to the current versions and not prior versions.
Ownership means, for purposes of this definition, control of more than a 50 interest in an entity.
Since users are accessing the backend commerce servers which web workloads are not running CALs or External Connectors will be required for users to access these back end servers.
5 Do I need a CAL when my Windows Server is used to run a web server?
Q5 - So, if I host a web server using a Web Workload for any reason I need CALs for each user?A3 - Peripherals, server components and network equipment on their own do not generally seagate crystal report 8 require a CAL (for Windows Server or otherwise). .The same CAL requirement applies to any other type of networked device such as networked scanners, networked fax machines, etc. .8 of us do access another server that is used for stage development prior to publishing to our production servers, and this server hosts VMs that imitate our production setup, however no customers connect.Q6 - If I assist another company in an e-mail migration to O365 and need administrative/test mailboxes - do those need CALs?Generally speaking server to server communication does not require a CAL. .In each case, these resources have access to teams directly at Microsoft who can answer licensing questions, who are better equipped to answer large volumes of questions. .Lets say for example, that Company A and Company B are affiliates. .