warcraft 3 tft maphack

Attention hack does not work on any operation system older than windows.
Notes: Use official Garena client, Don't use any Garena Crack/hack to use this maphack.
Ill be damned, no one is actually posting any NEW stuff in this tread.
Gumh is now compatible with t!nokick, /nokick on /nokick off Prevents yourself from being kicked from games via standard kicking means.Here is another one.To install it - Put yHack.Type /refresh 0 or /refresh to turn off.It will show all hero icons.Note4: Smoothcamera and customcamera must have different bool values.For further configuration of yhack open i file with any text editor and set the options to 0, to be disabled.You may still chat after being kicked, however note: If you do not press F8 on the Defeat!
quot;: The spider webs are not transparent when you have Bypass -AH enabled.
Note: I believe that if you select a unit or issue an order for a currently selected unit, you will desync and be disconnected anyway.
Remove zoom angles is bugged too.hp, The.22 patch can show health bars, but you dont have the option of ally or enemy, just all.Useful for some maps.Else the program will just hang until you connect to either.Download Links: gumh v11 for Warcraft.24e: gumhv11.rar, gUMH v12 for Warcraft.25b Patch: gumhv12.rar, gUMH v13 for Warcraft.26a Patch: gumhv13.rar, new Version: Reworked how gumh starts and loads naruto filme 8 blood prison - to fix the error when gumh wasn't loading.Exe or it will not work.