visual studio 2012 profiling tools

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It is important to mention that as you switch configurations, you must be careful how you configure the graphic shaders.From a security perspective, however, you need to be sure that you properly configure it so that no unwanted apps are remotely deployed.Fortunately, Visual Studio also provides this capability through the vsperf tool, which is already integrated in the IDE if you are using Visual Studio 2012 Professional or above.Remote Tools for Visual Studio 2012 come into play.This article describes the projects general testing and debugging process, including setting the debug configurations and remote debugging.
Investigate performance problems related to specific web pages.
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Open an edition comparison table, if you have any questions about which edition is right for you, feel free to email us at * The Standard edition can only profile methods with source code (i.e.Pokud by NGen hlásil chybjící dependencies, lze to dohledat pomocí FusLogVw.PerfView je zajímav nástroj od Microsoftu, kter umouje neinvazivní profiling stroje, nap.Microsoft offers you three separate buildstools for x86 systems, x64 systems, and ARM systemsalso known as Surface.For example, in some cases, and especially on domain-joined machines, remote debugging is better done with the authentication disabled.Pro, bundle, cities xl keygen generator dedicated file I/O view: see what files have been accessed.Profile calls to all SQL Server versions, including Express and Compact.Pro, bundle, view timing data and hit counts for inbound http calls to any T application.Pro, bundle, aNTS Memory Profiler: find memory leaks and understand how your application uses memory.NET Reflector VSPro: debug third-party code in Visual Studio.It will not profile Microsoft framework methods or third-party components).If you have problems getting the debugger to work, consult this article on msdn.Understand what.NET code led to queries being executed.