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If that doesnt fit well with you, you can head over to the Mac App Store and buy a legit copy for yourself, so you can at least pirate with a clear conscience.
Maybe you'd like to test OS X before buying a Mac or building a Hackintosh, or maybe you just want to run an app on your Windows machine which is only exclusive for the Mac.A quick side note: VirtualBox is cross platform compatible, and while were demonstrating installing Windows 10 in Oosemite here, you can actually run through this exact tutorial on any other major operating system as well outside of endnote x6 runs slow on mac the Mac.Need to run Windows 10 on a Mac?Sadly, this wont work with a vanilla Mountain Lion installer, so youll have to find a compatible hacked version.Step 4: Open up System Preferences - Security.Essentially this means you can run Windows 10 in OS X (Yosemite, Mavericks, you name it Windows 7, or even Linux, using the exact same durchschaut jack nasher ebook software and instructions, nifty huh?8.) To install, load the o file to virtual machines CD/DVD drive.
FDM.9.7 Lite Version for Windows XP and higher (5.6 MB).
This is really fast and easy to transfer files and folders between Mac OS.8 guest and Windows host machines.
This depends on how much RAM is in your system you can get away with 2GB, but if you have more, give it more.
Use the correct version of unlocker.
Now your virtual machine is ready to boot for the first time.
Keep in mind this is a virtual machine, which basically means the VirtualBox app is functioning as a virtual computer on top of your existing Mac.Choose the HackBoot 1 ISO and click.Note that you can set whatever resolution you want; just replace "1920x1080" (without the"tions) with the resolution you want.Video Conversion plugin (3.4 MB bitTorrent plugin (1.6 MB languages pack (1.1 MB download for Mac.Step 6: Once Disk Utility has finished formatting your drive, you should see it show up in the left sidebar.Fix Audio with MultiBeast Step 1: Open up VirtualBox and right-click on your OS X virtual machine in the left sidebar.This method is completely for testing and learning purpose only.6) That should open the pre installed Mountain Lion retail VMware virtual machine.VMware unlocker and o are important.Step 3: Click on the disc icon at the bottom of VirtualBoxs window and uncheck the HackBoot 2 ISO, since you wont need it anymore.Regardless, when the final version comes out youll be able to install it and run within VirtualBox the same way as outlined above.Before you start the installation process, youll want to gather the following: - A, pC running 64-bit Windows with at least a dual-core processor and 4GB of RAM.Even if you're a Windows user, you've probably thought about trying the Mac.Select this option and press Enter.