vampire the masquerade bloodlines unofficial patch steam

World of Darkness MMO?
Added museum light, Chinatown newsboxes and fixed minor map issues.
Improved Blender scripts and added sheet injector, thanks DDlullu.As a late Christmas present find the first beta as usual on The Patches Scrolls: /patch/4647/7/74148, version Changelog:.7, restored Chateau Hotel to ending, thanks EntenSchreck and Psycho-A.Stopped shaking Malkavian lines in Ocean House and at observatory.To counter this the Unofficial Patch was eventually divided into two separate versions, a "basic" version and a "Plus" version, the latter of which contains major additions to the game which arguably do not represent the creative vision of the game's original developers.Conversations are also occurring with developers of unofficial works, including Project Vaulderie, expressed that the company is open to talking to other community creators about projects that could infringe on their properties.Fixed map details, cleaned files and updated SDK, thanks Psycho-A.Restored quests, dialog options, locations and items.
Made auto-move and walk/run toggles be definable, thanks to Malkav.
Recreated floats and subtitles, thanks miracle.
Improved library quest emails and restored big moon to Ocean House.
A new Bloodlines sequel?
Fixed walk-through columns at Venture Tower and warrens reflection.
Disabled low poly model LOD in engine.
Improved wet reflections and other texture issues, thanks Psycho-A.Protean, discipline, online Presence, as a long-running project the Unofficial Patch has several places where it is officially distributed and the project itself represented.Special thanks go to Psycho-A for the continuous improvement of the Bloodline SDK which made creating maps possible in the first place.Added widescreen support, improved balancing, restored real-world names of weapons, basic multiplayer functionality.Repaired Confession cross and restored dance spot, thanks Psycho-A.Switched badly fixed missing Tommy line with better fitting float.And as always to my beta-testers.It first started as a collection of minor fixes but has grown into a huge package that also restores content that did not make it into the release version of the game and also adds some high quality content created from scratch by the community.Originally merely meant to fix obvious errors, some of which were soon after addressed by the official Patch.2, the project has massively grown over the years, addressing thousands pirates of the caribbean 5 game of both minor and major technical and gameplay issues, rebalancing the game and restoring or adding.The patch also includes two new maps, the Malkavian Maze and the Warrens Shortcut.