valve material selection guide

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Make sure that the used medium and temperature are compatible with the materials of the valve, such as body and the seal materials.Often this applies: the larger the piping connections of the valve, the larger is the orifice.Spring and piston actuators are typically sized for 80 psi minimum.3-Piece ball valve designs give the benefit of threaded or welded joints with integrally flanged wafer bodies.The valve plug is held in place by a spring.3-Way Switching Valves converge and divert fluid flow in a piping system.
Semi-direct operated (operating from 0 bar).
Double acting actuators do not have an inherent fail safe action.
The most 2/2-way valves can be used in only one direction of flow.Wafer bodies give the benefits of a flanged installation with very low initial cost.The advantage of indirectly operated valves is that they usually can control large flows with a relatively small coil and thereby have a reduced energy consumption.Solenoid valves are ideal for fluid shutoff and switching in general service applications.180 turn is also available, but requires special actuation.