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Paste the procedure into your _custom_c script file.
In MW2, it has the ability to retain structs after a round, whereas CoD4 and WaW do not.
(.botswaypoints_custom_c) Now right click the folder and using WinRAR's shell, click 'Add to archive.'.
Now these are procedures, not functions, which means that they do not return anything back to the call.In CoD4 and WaW, each primary button as a secondary button which you can press after pressing the primary.These can be installed too.Waypoints created inside.Now search for the 'games_mp.Legacy waypoints (Pezbot) have procedures that have level.Waypoints equal the function we pasted into the script.Use - Make a claymore waypoint.(It will be with your installation of Bot Warfare) Go to the bottom of the document and you'll find some GSC script code.ADS - (Re)Load Waypoints, useButton Attack - Save Waypoints, press nothing - Save waypoints.Look for the GSC script that contains the waypoints and open it with a text editor.
Now you should have bots play the map normally with the waypoints you installed on the map.
In WaW and CoD4, the data of the closest waypoint to you will be shown to you, the top portion shows what waypoints are linked to it, the middle is what waypoint number it is and the bottom will display what type of waypoint.
This allows it to store the loaded waypoints so it does principles of electric machines and power electronics pdf not have to load it again.
All in the main function, I first initialized level.ActionSlot1 (Nightvision) - Save Waypoints, actionSlot2 - (Re)Load Waypoints, here I added a waypoint.Then move the.iwd file WinRAR created with the 'z_svr_bots.Waypoints was being created in the procedure.for their Nuketown map that I used to demo this tutorial.Then create a folder called 'bots' and inside that folder a new folder called 'waypoints' and move the custom_c' file into.If you were doing this for MW2, you want to do something like this.ADS - Toggle autolink waypoints (links waypoints as you create them).Now open your custom_c' file with a text editor (I use NotePad).Use Archive format 'ZIP' and name it 'z_svr_customWaypoints.