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Chapter xxiii OF THE island OF zeilam unwilling to pass over certain particulars which I omitted when before speaking of the island of Zeilan, and 12th computer science book pdf which I learned when I visited that country in my homeward voyage.
1 Its streets and canals are extensive, and there are squares, or market-places, which, being necessarily proportioned in size to the prodigious concourse of people by whom they are fre quented, are exceedingly spacious.3 The road lies through extensive groves of the date-bearing palm, in which there is abundance of game, as well beasts as partridges and quails; and those travellers who are fond of the amusements of the chase, emergency 3 mods installer may here enjoy excellent sport.When therefore he is grown up, and is about to engage in any mercantile adventure, voyage, or treaty of marriage, this document is carried to the astrologer, who, having examined it, and weighed all the circumstances, 1 The carriages which stand for hire in the.4 The city of Spaan, Spahan, or Ispahan, by the Arabians called Isfahan, situated in the southern part of Persian Irak, is well known as the magnificent capital of the kings of the Sefi family, which, especially during the reign of Shah Abbas., exceeded.Previously to his ascending the throne he had served as a volunteer in the army, and endeavoured to take a share in every enter prise.5 The Tartars whom he carried thither, and who were men of a light complexion, mixing with the dark Indian women, produced the race to whom the appellation of Karaunas is given, signifying, in the language of the country, a mixed breed; 6 and these.Upon receiving this proposal, the grand khan, from motives of compassion, immediately sent orders to Sogatu for his retreat from thence with the force under his the early Italian epitome Cianban, being the Tsiampa, Siampa, Ciampa, or Champa, of our maps; situated to the southward.Forster (Voyages in the North,.We like to think that the old Venetians went eastward, on their famous journey, half believing that they would arrive there, just as Columbus (two centuries later) half expected to sight land where the golden blossoms office 2003 portable myegy burn upon the trees forever." They did not find.
They drew their swords, surrounded the king, and led him away by force towards the territory of Prester John, without its being possible for him to receive assistance from his own people.
In Hindustan it is named the chita, and is employed by the native princes in the chase of the antelope.
In the Basle edition the words are, " rex Mien et rex Bangala imply ing two confederated sovereigns, but the whole context shows that only one personage is intended, who might at that period have styled himself king of Bangala as well.It has been described by many writers, and among others by Niebuhr.Boar, wild, large tusk of, conveyed to the grand khan, 393-4.The City of Kin-sai 291 common estimation, this city is an hundred miles in circuit.Cloth, incombustible, manufac tured at Chinchitalas, 109.1 88 Travels of Marco Polo other description of people, offer up devout prayers to their respective gods and idols, that they may bless and preserve the sovereign, and bestow upon him long life, health, and prosperity.