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Site Identification on Southern Illinois Artifacts - Scott Wolter Mystic Symbol Ship Artifact from Burrows Cave - John.It is just a total devastation.Pre-Inca Bolivia's "Impossible" City in the Sky - Frank Joseph The Stone Rows of Tormsdale: A Voyage to Central America the Realm of the Dead (Caithness.Wood The Discovery and Loss of Ohios Hopewell Age Mound - Frank Joseph Pennsylvanias Burial Cairns - Irvin.Wood Ancient Americas Rivers: Arteries of Exploration - Warren.May Missing: Half-a-Billion Pounds of Ancient Copper - by David Hoffman Historical and Geological Record of the Copper Country - by Fred Rydholm Who Mined Great Lakes' Copper 4,000 Years Ago?
Dempsey What Do the Temple Mounds Conceal?
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