the monkey and the turtle by jose rizal plot

Banana Peel Spot Illustration To complete the complication started on the title page, a banana peel is is lends humor and closure to the story, and like many other illustrations, functions forthe sake of symmetry from a design perspective.19.
Using the program QuarkXpress.0, the images were inserted into a layout design that consisted of thirty-two.
Theseversions were the only two I found in an illustrated book form.
The bamboo textboxes have the ios apprentice second edition pdf two sources of parents have a wedding portrait hanging in their house top 10 games pc 2012 with a frame modeled to looklike bamboo.Thisfont reminded me of Philippine text imagery.The endpapers also introduce the setting ofthe story.The Monkey and the Turtle.New York: Childrens Press, ages of BambooHouston Advanced Research Center.Allowing the informative section toelaborate on the origin of the book, I have opted for the self-portrait to appear on the backpage with a matching reversed bamboo boarder according to the front cover.Movement is from left to right, as thetext of the monkeys yell is read across the sky, and the viewers eye similarly followsthe landscape leading to the turtle on the right page.
The monkey finds the turtle, and wants to either grind him to powder or burn him in the fire.
m.Images and Information about the Cartoons of José RizalVillegas, Dennis.
This medium was perfect for several reasons.
He just eats and eats, and doesn't even leave the peel.
Example Practice Illustration from Dummy (Miniature practice book).
New York: Barrons, 2004.
The Front Cover The cover needs to allow room for the title, and it must compliment the rest of thestory.The turtle hides but is found by the monkey.(Photography by Art Wolfe)Information and Images Regarding the Philippine Pond TurtleBuskirk, James.Splitting the Tree This illustration has diagonal movement.He was amazed to see theturtle showing at the surface, a large fish struggling in the grip of his claws, (Mariano65-66).The less important illustrations included the covers bamboo border, bamboo textboxes, a bamboo textbox above a simple scene of ripples on water, and two.Title Page Spot Illustration: Banana Bunch The purpose of the banana bunch is to introduce the reader to the focus of thecharacters attention.Is the only two-page spread illustrationwithin the story, and is the widest landscape scene.