the best pc games of 2013

There's a deep mystery at the core of Gone Home, and it's an atmospheric adventure well worth embarking.
My recommendation, its worth the money.
I mean, in what other game (besides Sims) can you throw a party, have fun with your close friends, fool around while they are drunk, and all of that after all of them coming to aid their close friend battle some vicious mercenaries hired.You really do have the freedom to do whatever your want.Mass effect 3: citadel DLC, now, I know this isnt a new game, but I have been waiting for it like a 6-year-old waits for tomorrow on the night of Christmas to open his presents.That's not a bad thing though.1, gone Home, taking place in the mid-90s, the exploratory gameplay in Gone Home is like a strange trip, in more than one way.It looks simply gorgeous which works as the perfect contrast ricoh aficio 1515 user manual to the horror that is about to unfold.
Theyre on the bleeding edge of what videogames, as an entertainment medium, have to offer.
Almost everything in the title is procedurally generated right down to the miasmic melding of tones to create the dreamy soundtrack.
Moments, assuming you are not playing like my brother (I mean the guy has a stealth suit, a bow and can jump and run like crazy, and my brother would just find a sniper rifle and wait for the bad guys to come to him).
It is honestly one of the best experiences you can have on the PC and youll enjoy every moment of exploration.
But, be warned, take Antichamber in small doses you might start thinking that gravity points upwards.
The best part about PC gaming are the little games that make it through and onto your hard drive to delight.The strongest Lego title yet, and the best Marvel game ever made.Its still on good-old Earth, but there are some truly realistic aliens (if you can call any alien realistic!).What are the best PC games of 2013?Beyond adding more detail to the graphical quality and straining the possibilities offered by current platforms, the same is being done with multiplayer because you cant satisfy gamers with the same offerings weve been getting for the past decade.Dice has refined the Battlefield experience to an insane degree, and the multiplayer in Battlefield 4 is among the best the series has ever seen.Seeing how the Mass Effect series have always been not only about intense action, but also about friends and relationships between people, this one takes the cake in the latter.This year we had a pretty good start with the latest Tomb Raider and Crysis games.2013 is shaping up to be a great year for PC games, more so than ever before.There are no specific paths or event sequences.2, starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm.