team fortress 2 new patch

You can now make progress on Bonus Objectives while working towards completing your Primary Objective Only one Contract can be active at a time Contracts are now unlocked by spending Stars.
Lazarus A King of the Hill (koth) map, this one was created by community members Aeon 'Void' Bollig, Fuzzymellow, Tim 'SedimentarySocks' BL, Tim 'Sky' Dunnett, Benjamin 'Badgerpig' BlÄholtz, and Stiffy360.
It's up to you to decide which ones to work on and in what order to work on them.
Now, he's enlisted the Red and Blu teams to fight it out in the park instead, turning it from Yeti Park to Mercenary Park.Jumper is frustrating to fight against because the target is simply too hard to hit.Spud' Thompson, Jake 'nx' Handlovic, Aeon 'Void' Bollig, Neal 'Blade x64' Smart, and Harlen 'ueakcrash' Linke.UGC - NA/EU HL/6v6/4v4 League, tFCL - NA HL/6v6/4v4/2v2 League - NA Pick/Ban Prolander League, ready Steady Pan - 6v6 Pan only League.Machine Removed the "Faster recharge rate" upgrades from The Dragon's Fury Fixed the missing "Increased Airblast Push Force" upgrade on The Dragon's Fury Team Fortress 2 Update Released October 26, 2017 - TF2 Team An update to Team Fortress 2 has been released.However, it's also the fastest way to build Ubercharge - under the right conditions (e.g.Xbox controllers the proper button icons are now displayed in the UI Improved controller icon placement in some UI screens, including for players using less-common aspect ratio displays Where text rather than an icon is used to indicate a controller binding, the text strings are.President Saxton Hale, but the park was populated by fighting yetis instead of dinosaurs and then all the yetis died?Updated the Taunt Unusualifier to draw from a pool of previous years' Halloween Unusual effects during the Scream Fortress IX event.
Goal: Make the weapon less of a liability and focus it as a "get health quick" convert inches to cm 18 tool with decent burst, at the expense of total damage New design: 15 firing speed Up to 7 hp per hit (from 5) -25 clip size (9 shots) Crit-A-Cola.
The Scout, Pyro, and Heavy have some really interesting changes, especially.
Cosmetic items, the Kathman-Hairdo "This prehistoric pompadour was first spotted by Sir Edmund Hillary on the slopes of Everest, followed immediately by Hillary spotting himself crapping his own pants.".More details about the rest.Fixed the new airblast not benefiting from the airblast force upgrade in Mann.The Himalayan Hair Shirt "Everybody loves beards, but why let your face have all the fun?Coverage - NA/EU TF2 6v6 Casting eXtv eSports - NA TF2 Casting.Tflivetv - AU/NZ TF2 Casting - EU TF2 6v6 Casting, kritzKast - TF2 Community News EU Casting."Press B Fixed miscellaneous corner-case bugs where the wrong action set could be selected, and some edge cases with handling of multiple simultaneous actions during an action-set change Added new action bindings for the most popular voice-line commands."Help!" Community request - Added tf_playrounds/tf_listrounds debug commands to jump between mini-rounds on multi-stage maps May not work on all maps if the map ties custom logic to entities other than the mini-rounds themselves (e.g.