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Philippines has a latest dvd player xp standard VAT of 12 and a reduced rate of 5 supplies to the government.
Bolivia has a standard rate.
Vanuatu applies a VAT.5.How to calculate VAT?Australia has a single VAT rate of 10 on goods (GST).There is reduced VAT rate (15 ) and super reduced VAT rate (10) for some goods and services.Some department stores such as Selfridges in London have dedicated desks to help foreign customers with VAT refunds.Peru applies a VAT.Luxembourg has starting with January 2015, a standard rate of 17, plus some reduced levels: 3 on food, restaurants and hotel services, passenger transport services, TV and printed or digital books; 14 on wine, heating oil industry and securities management.
This is why non-EU visitors to the UK can claim VAT refunds on their UK purchases when leaving the country.
Eritrea has a sales rate.
Costa Rica has a sales tax of 13, plus 5 reduced levels on restaurants and 10 on wood supply.
Latvia has a standard rate of 21 plus a reduced one of 12 on public transport, domestic heating, education services and books printed or digital.
Isle of Man has a VAT.
General members of the public cannot reclaim VAT on purchases.
The percentage is subject to each country national tax systems.Spain has a standard VAT of 21 and two reduced levels of 4 on basic food and printed materials; and 10 on specific food products, agricultural supply, water, private real estate and home repair services, cultural and sports activities.Monaco uses a rate.6.South Africa uses a rate.Jersey has a GST level.Estonia has a standard VAT of 20 plus a reduced level of 9 on medical and pharmaceutical services and products, hotel services and books.Using the left-hand column below, this VAT calculator allows individual households to estimate how much they would pay in additional taxes if a VAT was enacted in the United States.Cape Verde cnn student news 2015 has a rate.Malta applies a VAT of 18 with some reduced levels: 5 on some food, medical supply; live events and cultural related events; 7 on hotels services.Minus VAT paid to Company 3: 200.00.Rwanda applies a VAT.New Brunswick has 8 PST plus 5 GST which means a HST.