tab view controller ios tutorial

Expand the Custom Class dropdown and select the new UIViewController class that you created and youre done!
For this tutorial, well put the ml inside our app.Select the Relationship View Controllers option.You could have used it, but its good to know how this works so you can create a Tab Bar Controller by hand if you have.The default navigation controller is associated with a table view controller.At the bottom right of the storyboard, click the Pin icon: Change the top constraints windows media player 10 service pack 3 to Top: 0, Right: 20, Bottom: 0 and Left:.Setting the player variable in PlayerCell will automatically propagate the values into the labels and image view.
Next, we have to establish a relationship between the new navigation controller and the existing tab bar controller.
Next, add the following to the PlayerCell class, just below the class definition: / mark: - IBOutlets @IBOutlet weak var gameLabel: UILabel!
Having an image view in that spot is not supported by the standard cell styles, so youll have to make a custom design.
Its not completely implemented but just works.
A scene represents a view controller in the storyboard.The 2x version is double the size of the 1x version and is used for Retina displays (which most iOS devices have these days).Once you have the 1x and 2x versions of your icon image, you can simply drag and drop them into the respective slots in the image set that you just created in the asset library.Since the Navigation Controller is also a container view controller (just like the Tab Bar Controller it has a relationship arrow pointing to the Table View Controller.The app should be very similar the one we built in the previous tutorial but with the tab bar.Uncheck Also create XIB file.