switched at birth season 1 episode 2

Uvedení:, wyatt would like to see his parents more- they're always away somewhere.
Uvedení:, gary and Wyatt want to win the school talent show.
John and Kathryn immediately research ways to help Daphne and suggest the possibility of Daphne attending Bays private school, which doesnt sit well with Bay.Epizoda 9 - Switched at Birth.360p (mp4 165.0 MB) 360p (mp4 ) Episode #15: Expulsion From the Garden of Eden (air date: ) Angelo attends a dinner at the Kennishs' home; Emmett goes to live with his father where a nervous Bay prepares to meet Emmett's father and is high.They get Lisa to create a magic book that lets them do real magic tricks.At the beginning, Hank is wonderful.
Gary gets to control part of Chett's body.
360p (avi 350.5 MB) 360p (avi ) Episode #11: Starry Night (air date: ) Kathryn finds a nurse who may have known that Bay and Daphne were switched.
360p (mp4 166.1 MB) 360p (mp4 ) Episode #28: We're the Kraken of our own Sinking Ships (air date: ) Kathryn and John are concerned about Bay's friendship with Zarra so they invite Bay's ex-boyfriend Alex and his parents over for dinner.Gary decides to pass the time by racking up large bills on Mrs.Lisa comes down with a virus.Moffett, Lea Thompson, Sean Berdy, Lucas Grabeel, Rachel Shenton, Gilles Marini, Bianca Bethune, Sharon Pierre-Louis, Max Lloyd-Jones, Adam Hagenbuch, Matt Kane, Marlee Matlin, Ryan Lane.In Greek mythology, Daphne, a naiad that was being chased by Apollo, turned into counter-strike global offensive beta dust gameplay footage a bay tree.Plus, Toby bonds with Nikki, and Regina tries felix titling mt font to reconnect with Patrick.Uvedení:, wyatt is owed a favor from Gary and Wyatt wants wants to cash in the favor.Katie Leclerc ) and Bay vanessa Marano ) as they return from China to Kansas.