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Dummied Out : There are ungodly amounts of unused content in the game: In terms of enemies, we have a powerstrip 3.9 build 712 crack giant bear, a tree monster, and the Alkaline Man, along with lots of unused entries that don't have any data to them.
Plays " King P's Theme and the song "The.C.M.C.The other half are getting pulled by the commander of the army, known as the Masked Man.Once you hit him enough, however, he shows that he's been holding back the entire game by revealing his incredibly powerful PSI skills.If you're of the "Aphrodite is Zeus' daughter" school of thought then yes.Easter Egg : There are two in the first game, one gotten through a secret code, and the other gotten through destroying the two statues in the throne room at the very end of the game.The Silent Bob : Leder for most of the game.
Non-Standard Game Over : During the final battle in the first game, Kratos is hurled back to the moment he killed his family, only to find them alive.
Artistic License Geography : How about all those sheer cliffs Athens seems to be built near?
Never mind that he's been known to kill out of spite.
Elemental Powers : While Kratos doesn't have any individual control over the elements, he does gain magic spells that harness the power of the elements.
He doesn't give much thought to it either after he starts to "reform." Motive Rant : Hades gives plugin do battlefield heroes a pretty impressive one before fighting Kratos.
Mooks : Regular ol' Pigmasks in pink uniforms.Chekhov's Gift : The Courage Badge Flint gives to Lucas (through Nippolyte) turns out to be the Franklin Badge.Mooks : The Pig Mask Army.The end of the final Zeus fight.When Kratos sacrifices himself to release Hope to all of humanity, Athena wails, anime one piece sub indo episode 634 "You fool!Played straighter, though, in his relationship with Ness.And look at how Flint completely breaks down afterward.Dinosaurs Are Dragons : The dragos, animals who are indistinguishable in every way from tyrannosaurus rexes, except for the fact that they're as friendly as puppies.He doesn't take it kindly if you disturb him on loo.Even the ones you meet just a few minutes later.Special mention to Zeus who mocks Kratos for failing everyone he's ever cared about.The series he is in is based on Greek Mythology.