subtitle edit 3.4.6 portable

* Point sync no longer.
Duration" * New settings in Options regarding syntax coloring * Many new subtitle formats (now 140 formats supported!) * New settings in Options, center g t a 5 games subtitle (in Subtitle Edit text boxes) * Tools - Join subtitles (merge of multiple parts) * Tools - Apply duration limits.
Updated Korean translation - thx domddol * Updated Portuguese translation - thx moob * Updated Polish translation - thx admas * Updated Russion translation - thx Elheym * Some updates new pc games 2011 mission softonic for format "sif" * Some updates for format "Cavena 890" - thx Elad.
For people with multiple monitors) * Spell check via Word (Options - Settings:General - Spell checker) * Edit original subtitle (Options - Settings:General:Allow edit of original subtitle - thx Luis for testing) * Waveform control can adjust play rate (slow, normal, fast and very fast.Staení souboru 50 GB za 100 K, dobít kredit, omezenÉ stahovÁNÍ.Xml" local dictionaries now has a "blacklist" - thx ivandrofly * Some position support for WebVTT * In "Change casing" it's now possible to add extra names * Export image margins are now percentage - thx aaaxx/gorgorias * Added "Clear shortcut" button to settings.Jeden download slot, nenavazuje peruené downloady, pedpokládaná doba staení : 1 h 1 m.Updated Polish translation - thx admas * Import plain text now also supports input as html * Added "Total words" to statistics - thx Barbara * Added more Tesseract dictionaries - thx lucybook/Elheym * Added "Video auto-load" to UI settings - thx mtarini.Xml" renamed to "names.or "!" (optional) * Can now read Adobe Encore files starting with line numbers - thx Pier * Advanced Sub Station Alpha (and SSA) now keeps original styles - thx Rebecca * Improved Remove text for HI - thx sialivi/aMvEL * Undo now also works.Pomalé stahování, bez podpory download manaer, jedna IP adresa.Xml) * Added "Find text" to Point Sync Set Sync Point - thx eMWu * Unbreak/auto-break buttons now also work on selected lines - thx XhmikosR * EBU STL now also accepts STL.4 (besides STL25/STL30) - Thx Axel * Added shortcut for split line.
Error is now saved for Blu-ray - thx Zoltán * More default values for SSA/ASS in options * Added split long lines to "Batch convert" - thx menes * Added support for multiple languages in Timed Text / dfxp - thx Laszlo * Custom shortcuts.
in "Fix common errors" - thx René * Compare window, now left list view will track package from canada post to usps also sync - thx Krystian * fixed: * Fixed bug in "Fix common errors: Remove hyphen" - thx honeybunny * Fixed bug in "Remove text for HI" issue - thx.
Chars/second" * New settings in Options regarding "Min.
Goode * Turkish translation - thx Çada * Can now export to Blu-ray sup/VobSub from OCR window * Can save to VobSub from dvdrip "Choose language" window * improved: * OCR: much better OCR of italics when using Tesseract * OCR: Added some detection.
Subtitle Edit Changelog.5.5 (xth December 2017) beta * NEW: * Add new subtitle format - thx Karim * Add new subtitle format - thx Wojtek * Add sync options when re-exporting image formats - thx Music Fan * Add new shortcuts - thx darnn.
PomalÉ, staenÍ, uivatel, profi stahování, podpora.
Crash when reading VobSub files with errors - thx Sofiaguy * EBU STL format reading now skips user data - thx Peter * Fixed crash in MPlayer due to unknown frame rate.2.6 (29th March 2012) * NEW: * Added new subtitle formats.Jeden download slot, nenavazuje peruené downloady, pedpokládaná doba staení : 1 m.With large font - thx fox * Can now load ASS files with "V4 Styles" in header - thx Derek * "Frame mode" no longer auto-changes duration/end-time - thx Gerard.3.1 (3rd February 2013) * NEW: * Added a few new subtitle formats (now 150.Jeden download slot, nenavazuje peruené downloady, pedpokládaná doba staení :.For fullscreen video player) * OCR tweaked a bit Blu-ray sup files are processed faster * TextBox with current subtitle now shows cursor position - thx Leszek * Subtitle PAC format much improved - thx Peter * Subtitle FCP format Xml improved - thx Ulrik.Updated Basque translation - thx Xabier * Updated Romanian translation - thx Mircea * Updated Brazil translation - thx Igor * Updated Croatian translation - thx diomed * Updated many spell check dictionaries - thx ivandrofly * Added drag-n-drop support in waveform batch generate.(Use MPlayer2 for precise seeking) * Crash (memory leak) when exporting images from a VobSub - thx Pete * Bug in Fix common errors with uncheck fix"s - thx jofafrazze * Bug in Import plain text when only non-English letters - thx Jasper.Will now display any errors found in SubRip/MicroDVD/SSA/ASS on load * File - Statistics: Displays info about current subtitle * Click on status bar in footer will now show status history * "Fix common errors" item to fix Turkish ansi letters to Unicode.Xml" when Subtitle Edit starts/exits - thx Doigt * Fixed crash when exporting to dost - thx Nguyen Hoang * Fixed crash in "Fix short display times" - thx ivandrofly * Fixed bug in batch convert regarding frame rate - thx Rasmus * Minor fixes.Org with some customization - thx 6205 * fixed: * Merge short lines now works with italic tags - thx honeybunny * Importing subtitles from Matroska files will now correctly change the current encoding to UTF-8 (thx Jonathan) * Numerous fixes in "Remove text for.Fever * Fixed possible crash when saving XML files - thx Peter.2.2 (19th October 2011) * NEW: * Added German translation - thx JW 301 * Added Greek translation - thx The Rabbit * Some basic support for WebVTT subtitle format * Some basic.Goode * DVD ripping slightly faster now * Improvements to change/fix casing regarding music symbols - thx DrJackson * "Remove text for HI" colors suspicious lines - thx Alice * fixed: * Fixed plugin loader so it also works with installer version - thx Quetsbeek.6, oS: Windows 7 64-bit Ease: 10/10 Functionality: 10/10 Value: 10/10 Overall: 10/10.6.exe BatteryBar Pro.6.