sql server 2008 analysis services step by step ebook

Sales could then be analyzed using any of these hierarchies for effective data analysis.
Click the dropdown arrow next to Marital Status.To deploy the cube you just created, select Build Deploy AdventureWorksCube1.Name the new project AdventureWorksCube1 and select a convenient location to save.Time Property Name Time Column Year CalendarYear Quarter CalendarQuarter Month MonthNumberOfYear Day of Week DayNumberOfWeek Day of Month DayNumberOfMonth Day of Year DayNumberOfYear Week of Year WeekNumberOfYear Fiscal Quarter FiscalQuarter Fiscal Year FiscalYear Table 15-1:Time columns for FinanceCube Click Next.In bids, double click on DimDate in the Solution Explorer.Select the Native OLE dbsql Native Client provider (this is the default provider).Name the new view InternetSales and click Finish.Select FactInternetSales and FactInternetSalesReason windows xp sp3 update pack 2012 tables as the Measure Group Tables and click Next.Figure 15-10: The AdventureWorksCube2 cube More Tutorials: ssis 2008, ssrs 2008.You'll need to have the AdventureWorksDW2008 alfa romeo 105 workshop manual sample database installed to complete the examples in this neverwinter nights 1 manual chapter.
Select Project AdventureWorksCube2 Properties and verify that your server name is correctly listed.
Maybe books on introductory biology show a strong spike in sales every September.
Figure 15-5 shows the hierarchy panel.
In the cube of book order information, for example, the measures would be things such as unit sales and profit.
Expand the Fact Finance measure group.If not, enter your server name.But there's another use for databases, especially large databases.Right-click on the Data Sources folder in Solution Explorer and select New Data Source.Ssas 2008 Tutorial: Creating a Data Cube To build a new data cube using bids, you need to perform these steps: Create a new Analysis Services project Define a data source Define a data source view Invoke the Cube Wizard We'll look at each.For example, a cube of order data might be aggregated by time period and by title, making the cube fast when you ask questions concerning orders by week or orders by title.Figure 15-10 shows the finished cube.Expand the Measures node in the metadata panel (the area at the left of the user interface).This might be order detail information, payroll records, drug effectiveness information, or anything else that's amenable to summing and averaging.Figure 15-2: Setting up a connection Click OK to dismiss the Connection Manager dialog box.Select the FactFinance(dbo) table in the Available Objects list and click the button to move it to the Included Object list.A cube is a collection of data that's been aggregated to allow queries to return data quickly.