snap on tool box lock mechanism

Another embodiment of the kotor 2 save game present disclosure includes a method for securing a container.
1-2, there is illustrated a tool storage unit 200 of the roll cab variety, viewed with its drawers removed, with a locking mechanism 300 for remote activation, in accordance with an embodiment of the present disclosure, for rotating lockrod actuator 30 in FIG.
Background OF THE invention.The ones I have are the old '80s models, with the slide drawers (not roller bearing) and flat key locks.The main wall 31 is integral along its opposite side edges with rearwardly extending side walls 33, each of which is integral at its rear edge with a laterally outwardly extending flange.2 on mounting bracket 80 so the mechanism is positioned properly in the unit.This causes the second end to shift the release mechanism.B is ON, then transistor Q 2 is ON, allowing current to flow through and energize K 1 Coil.When you lift it gently pull the drawer.When the lock assembly 40 is relocked, the lock rod no virtual baby games 45 will be rotated in a clockwise direction, the rear offset portion 46 thereof engaging the tab 57 to slide the slider plate 53 back to its retracted position and allowing the lock bar.Good deal, considering the Snap-On boxes alone are 2,000 and 1,800 new, each.Conversely, the electromagnetic mechanism can include a clutch so that operation of the key does not receive 20 interference from the mechanism.
Technical field OF THE disclosure The present device relates to locking mechanisms.
The invention has particular application to tool cabinets.
25 brief description OF THE drawings For the purpose of facilitating an understanding of the subject matter sought to be protected, there are illustrated in the accompanying drawings embodiments thereof, from an inspection of which, when considered in connection with the following description, the subject.
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The lock mechanism includes a lock cylinder and an actuator plate attached to the lock cylinder.
In an illustrative embodiment, the locking mechanism includes a drive plate attached to 15 an output portion of the lock cylinder between the lock cylinder and the actuator plate.
Biometric control that uses unique human identification devices, such as fingerprint readers or retina scanners, can be used to unlock the tool storage units.Locking mechanism 300 is shown in FIG.9B lockrod actuator 30 B is able to rotate (relative to its illustrated position) between 90 counter-clockwisethe lock positionand slightly clockwise (about 5-10)the unlock position.The crank 65 has an attachment flange 64 which receives therein a pivot pin 67 projecting laterally from a hanger 68, which depends from the cabinet top wall 14 for pivotally supporting the crank.Drive Circuitry business plan pro 2007 premier edition and Linear Actuator The purpose of this sub-circuit is to convert the discrete switch closures from receiver U 2 to a bidirectional voltage applied to the terminals of linear actuator M 1 for selective extension or retraction of linear actuator 70 of the.It will be understood that the embodiments described herein may include or be utilized with any appropriate voltage or current source, such as a battery, an alternator, a fuel cell, and the like, providing any appropriate current and/or voltage, such as about 12 Volts, about.Prior tool cabinets are commonly provided with a lock bar along the rear cabinet wall which engages the rear ends of the drawers, the lock bar being actuated between locked and unlocked conditions by a key lock at the front of the cabinet for simultaneously.3 and 6 illustrate in more detail an illustrative locking mechanism 300, which includes lock cylinder 10 (with a center-neutral position and /90 degree rotation capability drive plate 20, lockrod actuator 30, washer 40, screw 50, linkage arm 60 (which connects lockrod actuator.The receiver converts these signals into switch contacts that are used by the drive circuitry to operate the linear actuator.Lockrod actuator 30 biases lockrod 80, so that lockrod engagement end 122 rotates downwardly in the direction of gravity.