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The cooking time is 3-4hours for the standing rib roast.
I have eaten prime rib at a lot of restaurants and weddings and this one matched and surpassed the best of them.Using 200'F you can use the "45 mins per pound" as a starting guideline - ufo 2 pc game but as you are doing two separate roasts, it's not 26 lbs x 45 minutes - the oven has the "power" to keep up the set temp - in other.I DO however like my Prime Rib with a nice crust, I'll just blast it at the end if it is not to my liking.All their beef, with the exception of ground and tenderloin are treated this way, so ground and tenderloin are the only beef cuts I'll buy there.(On a small roast - 2 ribs going to 4 ribs this is a significant amount of the surface area and the roast doesn't even come close to doubling in surface area; on a large roast the ends are a much smaller proportion to the.I start preparing the final touches of the other dishes when the roast is sitting at 125F - the last few degrees always seem to take forever.) The extra ten degrees may account of some of the time discrepancy, but I doubt that it would.Screamy is the right head and Meanie is the left head of a two-headed bird.
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Cooking it to an internal Temp of 130.
I need to cook two roasts, and need to estimate cook time.
This is the only response I'll give.
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