skyrim dual sheath redux patch

Install the mod and any mesh packs desired using your favorite mod management utility.
Once installed through your mod manager, a fomod installer will start upon activation and will check to see what mods you have.
DSpSoB by DarkPhoenixxy which has unfortunately languished in obscurity and has many problems which have gone unfixed as the author has seemingly dropped support.
I'm getting a SkyProc patcher error such as "There was an error exporting the custom patch.Then go up the start menu and select your new executable (Dual Sheath Redux Patch) and hit Run.Txt file in the SkyProc Patchers/Dual Sheath Redux Patch/Files directory and rerun the patcher.These should benefit and work for those who use.Mod added weapons will not show on your waist when equipped in the left hand without left hand meshes.Each and every one was very kind and responded quickly to my messages regarding permissions.Jar located in, data/SkyProc Patchers/Dual Sheath Redux Patch (If using multiple SkyProc patchers, use.Switching to 2h weapons like a bow or to a shield.To avoid the bug altogether you may a) not favorite your 1h weapons and equip using the inventory screen only, OR b) use favorites/hotkeys but never switch 1h weapons while dual wielding.
Expand the tree then right click on the.jar file (you may have to expand the file name column width to see the extension) to add it as an executable.
Uninstall/Remove the mod in your mod manager and all dynamic files created including: Dual Sheath Redux p in the data folder and all the folders/files under SkyProc Patchers/Dual Sheath Redux Patch.
Uninstallation is simple, safe and done through the mod manager.
This appears to be an engine bug regarding favorites and dual wielding and Bethesda would have to fix it (probably why they didn't allow us to hotkey left hand weapons).Generally, the first alternate set to try would be 47 and 57 - if coole mmorpg games ohne other equipment still gets unequipped, change until there are no conflicts with your other equipment.Known Problem Mods / Notes.Run the installed, dual Sheath Redux Patch.Custom Races Supported (must be using compatible skeleton).The remaining tutorials are coming soon!Staves stored on back.I will not host it here without their permission or before checking their permissions tab on their mod page.