single player commands 1.5.2 mac

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Download Links Single Player Commands.listchunks - Print a list of used chunks.hpos2 - Set selection position #2 to the block that you are looking.Re-executes last script with new arguments.removeabove size height - Remove blocks above your head.Killnpc allmonsteranimal - Kills all living creatures nearby.inset -hv amount - Inset the selection in every direction.sp single - Switch to single block super pickaxe mode.hcyl block radius height - Create a vertical hollow cylinder.Executes a JS script.Create a hollow sphere.
fixlava radius - Level nearby pools of lava (within one block).
info - Switch to the info tool.
Play, download, ringtone u25baMinecraft Mod Single Player Commands.1 - how to install.
By SkaddyPublish Play Download Ringtone Minecraft Mod: kaevators super slopes.4.6 Play and Listen link http wwwplanetminecraftcom mod kaevators super slopes minecraft is awesome creeper out Minecraft Mod: kaevators super slopes.4.6 Mp3 By MinecraftWatchDogPublish Play Download Ringtone How to install Single Player Commands.replace from-block to-block - Replace all blocks of the specified block(s) with another block inside the region.Unbind keycodeall - Unbinds the specified key from a command.ex size - Extinguish fires.worldedit version - Gets WorldEdit's version.Cannon strength - Shoots a primed TNT in the direction you are pointing.World load filename - Loads quiktrip main office tempe az the specified file, this allows you to play ANY save on your computer, not just World1-5, and can have any name world save - Explicitly saves your game then returns to it world seed seed - Allows you to see.toggleeditwand - Toggles the edit wand selection mode, allowing you to use the edit wand item normally.