shogun 2 total war 5346 trainer

I managed to trigger the CTD loop for any campaign if i freeze ANY protel 99se windows 7 value FOR generals OR agents at any time, especially if i left said values frozen switching between selecting agents, generals or cities (i.e: if you want to change the age, exp.
Swift and Deadly, objective: Win a multiplayer battle losing less than 15 of your starting troops.
Date Victory Objective: Win a campaign as the Date clan.Agent Provocateur, objective: Playing as the Choshu, incite 3 rebellions in the same campaign using an ishin shishi.Head-Hunter, objective: Collect 10,000 heads of enemy soldiers.I have found no mod that conflicts with this table, except perhaps the ones that modify the ranking and leveling system.Uphill Struggle, objective: Win the Battle of Osaka after both bridges get blown up by the defenders.Legendary Sohei Objective: Obtain a maximum level monk.One Rule Under God Objective: Win a campaign as a Christian daimyo.
Berserk Charge Objective: Win a multiplayer battle using no ranged units in your army.
Warhead, objective: Sink an enemy ship with torpedoes.
Takeda Victory Objective: Win a campaign as the Takeda clan.Tokugawa Victory Objective: Win a campaign as the Tokugawa clan.Bringer of Death Objective: Win 50 matchmade battles in multiplayer.The Dragon of Japan Objective: Win 100 ranked battles.Advanced Firearms Objective: Be the first clan in the campaign to obtain gunpowder mastery.