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The woman survived after being rescued by police, but Carter did not make.
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It had appeared the case was 'closed' recently when world renowned crime writer Patricia Cornwell claimed she had vital evidence to prove the killer was influential artist Walter Sickert.After his arrest, they discovered three dead bodies on his property.Police searching for the missing couple rescued Brown who was chained inside this green shipping container on Kohlhepp's Spartanburg County property.Kohlhepp led hack for cs 1.6 v44 investigators to the bodies of Meagan and Johnny Joe Coxie, a married couple.Kala Brown, 30 (left and her boyfriend, Charles Carter, 32 (right were the last of Kohlhepp's victims.His murderous crime spree lasted only four-month before he vanished without trace.Lucas was a service manager, and Sherbert was a mechanic at the shop.