save game resident evil 4 ps2

Thanks for your help you guys.
Thanks meganova, I've managed to install fmcb to my Memory Card via the disc swap with Need for Speed Underground.
And then I tempat game terlengkap untuk hp reset my PS2 and threw in Resident Evil 4 and Wah-Lah!I had everything on both the saves!ELF, renamed it to ntgui.All I did was copy an ISO Image of nfsu2 and download a program called Apache which edits the code within the image, in this case, I downloaded an uncompressed boot.P.S, i DID this without ANY hardmodding OR softmodding (Didn't have to bypass sensors or open up PS2 etc.) just edited some code!After all that I booted vanilla nfsu2 in my PS2 Console and at the Main Menu, I swapped the disc with the other copy I made with a change in the code, did the special trick to activate uLaunchElf and then proceeded to install fmcb.ELF and replaced it in the games code with another file named the exact same, except the file I replaced it with was uLaunchElf, this tricks the game into thinking its the right file, then I saved the edited image and burned it.Now, to transfer a PS2 Save Game to my Memory Card I downloaded a Resident Evil 4 Save Game, and proceeded to download a program called PS2 Save Builder, I then opened the save game in the program, personal inspector 4.60 crack created a folder using the same name.PS2 save Game file to one of my, pS2.Memory Cards, so I can unlock the Handcannon and also with).# Open the iso file using pcsx2.
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