samp mysql plugin r7

Edit mysql_log Description: Controls what information will be logged.
Parameters: (ORM:id) ORM:id The id of the ORM instance.
The server configuration (g) has to be edited aswell.Parameters: (connectionHandle, output, format, Float.) connectionHandle The connection handle this will be processed.; new PlayerInfoMAX_playerse_player; /.Note If the last query was a easy driver pro keygen delete query with no where clause, all of the records will have been deleted from the table but this function will return zero.This function does not take any parameters.
S Inserts a string.
Parameters: (connectionHandle, output, len, format, Float.) connectionHandle The connection handle this will be processed.
return 1; edit orm_apply_cache Description: Applies the data of the active cache to an ORM instance.Edit Log levels Log type Description LOG_none Logs absolutely nothing.If you use only one database connection you don't need to mind.B Inserts a binary ER_syntax_error: printf Something is wrong in your syntax, query: s query return 1; Retrieved from " m/wiki/MySQL/R33 ".Mysql_escape_string(text, PlayerInfoplayeridLastMsg, MySQL, 128 /correctly saves the escaped string into an enum-array return 1; edit mysql_format Description: Allows you to format a string which you can safely use in a query.Return Values: A valid cache-id if use_cache is set to true.