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We learn in basic driver ed never to presume, and any time you change lanes or turn you are obliged to watch out for the not-too-smart driver in the other lane.
Blocked my entire rear view so even if I wanted to switch lanes I couldnt see.
It's ridiculous that the police don't help.
Are there any organizations with local chapters that bring the community and law enforcement together to monitor and enforce road rage / aggressive driving laws?DB: We are currently targeting a release date of October 24th on all platforms.Speeding tickets main reason have never been for safety - they're for revenue.We look forward to playing Road Rage when it releases in 2017.NY and NJ overkill 3 pc game only!"The Simpsons: Road Rage (PS2.I got bottles thrown at my truck causing damage and I called 911 got put on hold and I asked an officer that was parked for help he suggested it would be best for me to keep holding.
I'm not wealthy, and it is cost effective to avoid incurring citations.
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"The Simpsons Road Rage (Xbox) - Review".
I still am not certain as to whether this was road rage or whether it was only aggressive driving.Yes it really is that simple.Heck most people can't afford health insurance let alone car insurance.Throughout the country, the public's concern over aggressive driving continues to grow.I have been hit twice by Ford pick up trucks, I was driving a Chev insurance said the 1st guy was not at fault, gave him a lawyer and we went to small claims court.