restful web services by leonard richardson sam ruby pdf

SR : Optimize the hell out of GET requests as thats where most of your traffic will.
And then some space was given to the concept of connectedness, or as some put it, "Hypermedia as the Engine of Application State" or hateoas.
SR : There are a number of technologies, like ActiveX, which have taken root in a large number of intranets, but not on the internet.
In a homogeneous environment thats under your control the network effects are different, and something like ActiveX or one of the more interesting WS-* standards might make sense.We have client libraries in every language, debugging tools, transparent intermediaries like caching proxies.LR : Theres some truth to this.The authors certainly had their work cut out for them: how do you explain something that (near as I can tell) has yet to have even just one real-world implementation which completely satisfies the requirements?InfoQ : What pieces available in the WS-* space are missing in the rest space?
So enough about that, and back to the book: I must criticize the source code examples.
And that's a constantly recurring problem when you start looking online (article.
On this occasion, InfoQ's Stefan Tilkov had a chance currently on broadway 2015 to talk to the authors about their motivations for writing this book and their views on rest and Web services.
I cut it because not many people are interested in detailed comparisons of the Web and GopherspaceI think its just me and Rohit Khare.
Its a restful service that exposes a very simple treelike structure: buckets that contain objects.
But can you also build web sites that are usable by machines?
In practice, the WS-* folks have put more thought into security.SR : This, in turn, is enabled by the consistency and constraints that rest mandates.It sets down the best practices you need to make your design a success, and the techniques you need to turn your design into working code.This is the first book that applies the rest design philosophy to real web services.Among other manual citroen c5 2002 things he said We need a few good practical books on rest/http to ship.