red hat linux commands list pdf

Last command With last command we can watch users activity in the system.
The below example of find command search tecmint word in / partition and return the output.
Top Command top command displays processor activity of your system and also displays tasks managed by kernel in real-time.
# ls -l total 114 dr-xr-xr-x.Below examples open file in read only with -R option.You can also use who am i command to display the current user.There are two ways to start the any service.Ps command ps command displays about processes running in the system.Press q to quit out from more window.# cp -p fileA fileB You will be prompted before overwrite to file.# tar -cvf archive-name.# crontab -l /bin/ls /ls.
Service Command Service bios for nintendo 3ds emulator 1.1.7 command call script located at /etc/init.
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With -r options will sort in descending order.
Using options -r and -f will remove the file forcefully without confirmation.
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Cd command (change directory) with cd command (change directory) it will goes to fileA directory.
Log less # cat install.Tar Command tar command is used to compress files and folders in Linux.Only tecmint user displays from /etc/passwd file.# whoami tecmint.Txt rm: remove regular file test.Log Installing classic nes donkey kong gba rom arch warning: arch: Header V3 RSA/SHA256 Signature, key ID c105b9de: nokey Installing filesystem-2.4.30-2.1.el6.i686 Installing arch Installing arch Installing arch Installing arch.Txt Edit your crontab with -e option.Tecmint.0.2 0:01.Less Command less command allows quickly view file.# grep tecmint /etc/passwd.Ls Command ls command display list of files in human readable format.