readability test word mac 2011

Youll need to use your help file to help you set it up for your version.).
Reduce your passive voice to a minimum.
Active writing is vigorous and strong. .Active tense: The dragon scorched the metropolis with his fiery breath.Try a few cyberlink powerdirector 9 deluxe full version more: Harvard.Remember that you want it to be easy to read. .If you dont use MS-Word, dont despair! .How can you make sure your articles are easy to read? .(And if youre wondering, this blog post is at a 6th grade reading level.).To do this, select.A good travel story is a pleasure to read from the beginning to the end.This means dont write long running sentences. .
Go get it!).
No one wants to struggle through a story about a luxury resort in the Bahamas. .
I've found its too distracting to write creatively and fix problems simultaneously.The last section titled Readability is worth gold when it comes to improving your travel writing. .Spelling and Grammar from the, tools menu.Ill give you some recommendations at the end of this article.As a writer, you need to know how to identify these phrases when your software cant help.You will be prompted to make corrections to your document until this check is complete.Keeping paragraphs short makes it easier to read.We speak in short sentences, so write with short sentences.In the passive tense, the subject follows the verb.You need to set this option to make them available.