phantom assassin item build dota 1

However, it may be wise to build Black King Bar first before attempting to fight her alone, as she can disable you and retaliate with Freezing Field.
So I'd say Power Treads are more versatile and safe.In both cases, you understood MKB is a must have item.Level 3 - 120 Damage, 50 Slow.A tri-lane will make you safer and give you more killing potential; but your supports need to be decent at stacking pulling etc, in order to avoid draining too much experience.# Your Boots: Phase Boots VS Power Treads VS I almost gave up going Phase Boots.This is the most farm efficient build but focuses more on lategame.Without warning, any one of her attacks could prove suddenly and brutally fatal.Dota 2 is a registered exam ref 70-488 ebook trademark of Valve Corporation.It's damage is rather pathetic, so against heroes you will only use it for its slow.Mask of Death.
Build a damage item before.
Try to do it if they lack reliable stuns (slows are not really a problem for you especially if you have heroes that can draw the attention in teamfights like Dragon Knight or Wraith King.
Your primary mission is only to farm and survive.
Ice Blast makes one-shot crits even more likely for Phantom Assassin.
When it activates, she can do tons of damage with her physical attacks, enough to kill weaker heroes in one hit.
However, this takes practice to know when exactly you want to Blink Strike.
If you are already 6 slotted and still have tons of gold, you can put an item in your stash, buy and consume a Moon Shard, and then take your item back.Black King Bar helps against (you guessed it) disabler and further damage is generally purchased when you want some extra oomph on your criticals or need to defend against large creep pushes.Phase Boots might be better for a snowball build like the desolator one.Vengeful Spirit Nether Swap can bring an enemy into Phantom Assassin's clutches, then prevent their escape with her Magic Missile.This is what makes your hero so feared!When your MMR rises, you'll tend to see less and less full carry lines.The post has been submitted for moderation and won't be listed publicly until it has been approved.The blind from Laser renders Phantom Assassin useless, wasting Phantom Strike's charges.