patch 4 total war rome 2

Having the "Add Offer/ Demand" window open in diplomacy, while breaking a treaty will no longer cause the "Add Offer/ Demand" window to remain visible.
When a host decides to make changes to the game setup (e.g.
Fixed for land unit style category icons and tooltips sometimes being shown on ship unit banners during battles.In Campaign modes, if an army is embarked on a navy and in a port (e.g.Pressing the Escape key while pacing the mouse over a construction options in the Settlement Details panel no longer leaves the construction options open while closing the Settlement Detail panel.Fix for Chosen Spear and Sword band missing helmet variation in battles.The Creative Assembly and the Total War logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of The Creative Assembly Limited.This is to fix the issue 100 calorie popcorn nutritional information of lots of chat rooms being created, that only contain 1 person.
The "Attacker Direction" dropdown list has been hidden instead of greyed out in the Battle Setup screens for Custom and Multiplayer battles, when not applicable, to avoid confusion.
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Fixed issue where the cursor wouldn't update, if it had mouse over a text input box when transitioned between different areas of game, and stay as a text cursor within battles (for example).
We highly recommend players not to use their mods until they have been fully updated by their authors in order to avoid experiencing any issues that could prevent the game from starting or working as attended.
When entering the diplomacy screen for the first time in Campaign modes, the accompanying speech now matches the text displayed.
Fixed a bug where destroying one slave army would kill / make all the other slave armies disappear.This can still be reviewed in the Provinces panel.Sega and the sega logo are either registered trademarks or registered trademarks of sega Corporation.When you select a General or Admiral on the Campaign map, and click the "Details" button, magic tree house pdf players can select a new emblem via a new user interface.If this dialog is cancelled, and the Accept button is pressed again, all control changes will no longer be discarded without warning.