os x lion backup keychain

I want tempat ebook novel terjemahan gratis to reinstall my system so I would have fresh Mac.
Important: Be sure not to leave your keychain on a computer that is not secure.There is a keychain for each user, and one keychain for common use.To access the items in the keychain on the new computer, you must use the same password you used for the keychain on the previous computer.Import and export keychain items.Change the name of the keychain file on your new computer so it doesnt become confused with any of the existing keychains.Choose File Add Keychain.
In the Finder, locate the keychain files you want to transfer.
For each user include the /Library/Keychains folder.
Read Keychain Access Help for more information.
This provides stronger security and avoids any loss of confidential information.With Immortal Files you can back up this type of data easily.Important: Transfer your keychain in a safe manner where no unauthorized person can access.OS X may have several keychains in the system.To copy only some keychains and not all, chinese name pronunciation yue see.To back up these files manually, you may include the appropriate folder in your backup.