oracle universal installer 2.3

Mounting Discs, on most Solaris systems, the disc mounts automatically when you insert it into the disc drive.
The scary part is that Oracle proably thinks this makes perfect sense.If necessary, mount the next disc and repeat step.Before copying the disc content to the hard disk, you must mount the disc.Insert the appropriate disc into the disc drive.I'll just live with the.4 driver until Oracle fixes this situation.From the Oracle Universal Installer.3 and upwards, it is possible to install Oracle software using http, opening up the possibility of carrying out installations over a firewall.114455, aug 18, 2004 windows 7 ultimate edition 64 bit iso 4:05.OTN technical note explains how it's all done.And no, I'm not holding my breath waiting ;-).If Oracle Universal Installer is displaying the Disk Location dialog box, pathfinder campaign setting the inner sea world guide enter the disc mount point directory path, for example: Disc mounted automatically: /dvd/dvd0, disc mounted manually: /dvd, to continue, go to one of the following sections: Copying the Oracle Client Software to a Hard.If the disc does not mount automatically, follow these steps to mount it: Switch user to root: su - root, if necessary, enter the following command to eject the currently mounted disc, then remove it from the drive: # eject.
The mount point directory is /dvd.
After you have copied all the required discs, refer to the "Installing the Oracle Client Software" section.
If the system does not have a DVD drive, you can copy the software from the disc to a file system on another system, then either mount that file system using NFS, or use FTP to copy the files to the system where you want.
In this example, /dvd is the disc mount point directory and /dev/dsk/cxtydzs2 is the device name for the disc device, for example /dev/dsk/c0t2d0s2.
So, in a truly memorable Catch-22, you can download the Oracle odbc.3 driver from m, but you can't install it because you have to download a separate OUI upgrade from some place that requires a completely separate userid/password.
Database Creation and Upgrade Tools.Before installing Oracle Client, you might want to copy the softare to the hard disk.Some platforms automatically mount the disc when you insert it into the drive.Copy the contents of the mounted disc to the corresponding new subdirectory as follows: cp -R /directory_path OraCl10g, in this example, /directory_path is the disc mount point directory, for example /dvd, or the path of the client directory on the DVD.If the disc does not mount automatically, refer to the "Mounting Discs" section for platform-specific information about mounting.Like Show 0 Likes (0).The following sections describe to mount disc and copy its content to the hard disk.Or subscribe via RSS with Feedly!Get the latest posts delivered right to your inbox.This enables the installation process to run a bit faster.To copy the contents of the disc to a hard disk: Create a directory on the hard disk to hold the Oracle software: mkdir OraCl10g, change directory to the directory you created in step 1: cd OraCl10g, mount thedisc, if it is not already mounted.