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At Paris in 1578;.
It has, indeed, more in common with the eighteenth century." 35 Morison had several years earlier attracted attention for promoting the radical idea that italics in book printing were too disruptive to the flow of text, and should be phased out.
595; a disciple.Times 4-line Mathematics Series 569 edit This is a variant designed for printing mathematical formulae, using the 4line system for mathematics developed by Monotype in 1957.Biner, Joseph Canonist, historian, and theologian,.Stanley Morison: A Portrait.Buridan, Jean French scholastic philosopher of the fourteenth century,.At Medina del Campo, Kingdom of Leon.Borromeo, Federico Cardinal and Archbishop of Milan, cousin and successor.Several persons in repute for holiness seem to have.Burckmair, Hans (Or Burgkmair).Bangor (Bangorium, Bangoriensis) Diocese ; anciently known as Bangor Vawr, situated in Carnarvonshire.Charles-la-ForĂȘt, Mayenne, 16 January, 1783;.
Retrieved b Morison, Stanley.
"Modern" in typography is a generic term referring to designs in the modern or Didone style of the nineteenth century.
Barrow, William, Venerable ( Alias Waring, alias Harcourt).Boy-Bishop The custom of electing a boy-bishop on the feast.96 99 Like Times New Roman, many additional styles of Nimbus Roman exist that are only sold commercially, including condensed and extra-bold styles.4, which is metrically compatible with the slightly different CG Times.Retrieved obbs, Michael; Kurtz, tax central vat calculator Howard (14 September 2004).Boise Diocese of Boise ( Xylopolitana ) Created by Leo xiii, 25 August, 1893, embraces the.Birtha A titular see of Osrhaene, probably identical with Birejik (Zegma) on the left bank of the.He went to America in 1541 and successively visited the Antilles and.A native of Bacza in Andalusia, Spain,.The ninth-century martyrologies of Europe in their lists, which are.He was the son.Press Roman, a version of Times New Roman typed on a premium IBM typewriter.