na kaho tum mere nahi episode 14

She checks and tells Neil that she has gone to meet Dayaben.
She asks how can this sign be there on prisoners hand.
She says nothing will happen by frustration, I know your intentions are right, we should not move back, Lord always supports truth, we will find some way.Avni says Sita cs cheat bad boy had to give Agnipariksha.Avni comes there and asks for Alis accident pictures.The Episode starts with Neil asking Avni not to talk while dining.She says no, she has done Juhis deal.Avni thinks how to tell you nothing is fine, what.Bebe says Raavan got killed on this day, its goods win over win, Raavan is in every yug, Sita and Ram challenge Raavan, it was all destined to happen, everyone knows this, I just think if Sita didnt go Lanka, Raavan would have not get.Avni says I saw a hope.He says its not possible.She recalls Gurumaa and thinks I have seen this sign on Alis clothes as well.He says you have put audio device by risk, I didnt get any clue it, till.
She says you dont want to help Juhi, even Ali can be there.
She says no talk while dining, Vijaydashami is coming, we have to plan how to save Juhi.
Avni says he is my brother Aman.Avni asks him to take rest.Avni says yes, we lose peace by worry, whats significance of Vijayadashami.Neela says I dont know when is Amol saying true and lies, why did he meet Dayaben.Neil says its Raginis old pic, she is in jail.She blackens Juhis face and asks her to show her face to other girls.He asks what are you saying.Neil talks to commissioner.She sees Bebe reading Ramayan.She says system wants evidence, I will get.