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On the principles of electric machines and power electronics pdf cover, it is also shown with a Magpul AFG (angled foregrip though in game it uses a standard one.
It is one of the starting weapons in the singleplayer missions "Hunter Killer "Bag And Drag" and "Iron Lady and is seen in Price's hands in "Stronghold." It is replaced with the new USP Tactical in other modes.While the model is so low-detail the four barrels are rendered as a rectangle, four openings can be seen at the muzzle, implying it is supposed to be a Yak-B.A blurry M107 can be seen to the left of the shot in the introduction to the mission "Blood Brothers despite an rsass being used in the actual level.Reloading the UMP45; note the blanked-off window on the side of the magazine and lack of a visible round at the top, showing the new magazine to be empty.In multiplayer and Survival it holds 100 rounds in the single-drum magazine, while in the singleplayer campaign this is reduced to just.Our Experience, when we called the number we found for Treyarch customer service the call was immediately answered by a live person who just said, Treyarch.The player character looks down at a standalone M320 on the ground at the start of the Special Ops mission "Toxic Paradise." Note the front grip.Note also the B-52 bombers visible in the distance.Yakushev-Borzov Yak-B -.7x108mm This crashed Hind is visible in the map "Arkaden while the barrel appears to be a solid block, close examination reveals four muzzle openings.This hole is where the PKT's barrel should.
M2 Mortar During the mission "Back on the Grid a militia group in Sierra Leone use an M2 Mortar to bombard Price, Soap and Yuri, the latter taking control of it later on to destroy a number of technicals.
The magazine selector is never operated in game; in reality this would mean the player character only had one of the two tube magazines at their disposal.
The weapon does not appear in the mission itself, or anywhere else in the game.
Note that there is no way 30 rounds.8mm SPC can fit into.56mm pmag in real life.
FIM-92A Stinger - 70mm The player character in Special Ops looks down at a Stinger someone kindly left in case he should need to shoot down a helicopter.Scope of the AS50; the same as the one used for the Remington rifles.In addition, the weapon's capacity is reduced from 14 (1 chambered) to 12, which would only be correct if it were using 3" rather than 2 3/4" shells, something the weapon's damage certainly does not imply.Remington MSR The Remington MSR is a powerful bolt-action rifle available in singleplayer, Survival and multiplayer; in singleplayer it is available in the mission "Iron Lady." Remington MSR -.338 Lapua Magnum Westbrook holds a Remington MSR as he assists in an assault on a Russian.In a different Survival level, he shows off his KSG-12 with EOTech sight and vertical foregrip.Yuri reloads the FAD, trying to avoid any "just a FAD" jokes.General Dynamics M197 Vulcan - 20mm In a blurry flashback to the end of the original Modern Warfare's mission "Shock and Awe a squadron of AH-1W Supercobras fly overhead.