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Upgrade strategy : really depends on what you want to do with your horse archer.
Use those missiles troops to 1st kill enemy missile troops and 2nd target expensive enemy troops (if possible with low armor) and 3rd drive your opponent out of position.
As battles are decided by whoever routs first adequate morale is very important.
The heavy infantry is the core of many MP armies.Eventually you will face many armies, mostly intact.Try and test what you feel comfortable with, and what provides you with the best control.Up to you to assess if you can afford that, and if that outweigh the advantage of defending.If possible do not use them in the initial missile duel: hybrids, even with missile discount, are still very valuable and to lose some of them to missile fire is a bad economic decision.If you are getting doubled; don #39;t despair, maybe your allies are on their way for help.Click here to watch it now.Pull them back quickly when facing an infantry line.Then a valour 0 horse archer or turcopoles/turcomen can be good enough.To be honest; try not to use.Although valour does increase missile efficiency, the difference is usually not big enough to justify the cost of the valour upgrade.
If you are winning the missile duel (shooting enemy missile units faster than they shoot you expect your enemy to try to rout your missile unit first.
1 rusher in teamgame can be very short lived if properly countered by 2 or more defense players.
Shorten your line a bit, add ranks to your unit, eventually set your line on hold position, hold formation.
Well, it might be good for you to start MP with the Almohads.In SP campaign an army is usually decided by your faction, your tech level, your income, and your preferences for certain unit types.B) middle-game In most games, after the initial shooting phase there is a melee phase when units fight hand to hand.If for that cost they rout 1 enemy missile unit, and wear out enemy cavalry, that #39;s still a good payback.Here is the list with our pages to index.In many situations you will be better off without spears and pikes, using the pikes or spears slot for another cavalry unit or another sword unit.A dead general is a sure way to end the melee phase.All those are in general hopeless when it comes to melee fight.The light and fast sort; - Horse Archers - Turcopoles - Turcoman Horse - Mounted crossbow Those are in the 250/300 florin range.As the cost of upgrade is a function of initial cost, and as lower status units are usually very cheap both strategies ends up being equivalent.You can upgrade them further, then they will be able to compete with non upgraded heavy cavalry, but at a slightly higher cost.In MP all generals have a 0 command sibelius 7 serial numbers for by everg0n rating.