mario kart 7 cheats

Toadsworth's Parade Kart, beat the All Cup Tour in Mirror Mode.
King Boo, Petey Piranha, beat the Star Cup in Mirror Mode.
Daisy: Princess Love Hearts - Allows you to run into and item on the ground(banana, green turtle shell, etc.) or someone else and knock them over.
Toadette's Toadette Kart, beat the Mushroom Cup in Mirror Mode, birdo's Turbo Birdo, beat the Flower Cup in 150CC.Mario Kart series, created for the, nintendo 3DS.Click the option you want.Alternative "Thanks" Screen, beat the All Cup Tour in Mirror Mode.Half of them are retro and half of them are nitro.The driver simply has to get up close next to somebody, (make both karts side by side) then the partner controling the items at that point in time can press the R/L triggers, depending on which side the opposing kart is, then you will end.Baby Luigi: Dog on a Chain - Pulls you around the course knocking anything in its path over.
Toad: Golden Mushroom - Gives you one golden mushroom that called for lets you speed - up three times.
Unlocking Criteria: All parts require the same amount of coins.
This marks the only time where Princess Daisy appears in a modern game without Waluigi.Mirror Mode, beat the All Cup Tour in 150CC.I'm tarrying with the negative pdf not one for Mario Kart Wii.Then a list of choices will appear.Alex Osborn, january 16th, 2014, reviews previews, mario Kart 7 Review.5.Beast Glider: 5,000 coins.Toad, Toadette, beat the Special Cup in 100CC.Below is the list of characters, what they give you, and what it does.Because there are 16 characters and 32 courses in the game, each character is the staff ghost of two courses each: Controls, accelerate: Hold the A/Y Button.Harder ones often take very rare shortcuts with their items to make it harder to beat them, while most easier ones often just stay on the road and ignore most shortcuts.