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) March 8, 1994 In the mystery of the Tree house #4 Jack and 7110 new science projects ebook Annie encounter some pirates in the Caribbean Sea and meet Morgan le Fay, who turns out to be the mysterious "M".
We desire only one extra M factor.Jack and Annie are able to use the power of a magic hazel twig to transform themselves back to humans from ravens and Jack is able to tap into its power to defeat the Evil Raven King by turning him into a baby raven.13 Vacation Under The Volcano (UK title: Racing with Gladiators ) June 20, 1998 In the mystery of the Lost stories #1 Jack and Annie travel to Pompeii on the eve of the eruption.To do this, they must spend the day with famous Japanese haiku poet Matsuo Basho.The party is in the Summer Palace at five o'clock in the evening on October 13, 1762.Companion book: #6, Space.Jack often wants to read about a place and time and absorb as much information as he can before embarking on their adventure.This results in him having unexpected knowledge or talents that help complete their missions such as Jack being able to drive a vehicle despite not being old enough to possess the skill.38 10 Monday with a Mad Genius August 28, 2007 In the Happiness arc #2 Jack and Annie travel back in the Magic Tree House to Florence, Italy, to find the second of four secrets of happiness.
They travel to 1862 to go to Ireland.
More challenging adventures for the experienced readers ages 7-10.
Excerpt copyright 1996 by means of released via Random condo Childrens Books, a department of Random residence, Inc., long island.Then he crept down the steps.The series consists of two groups.The Dragon King is also known as Emperor Qin.Then every thing was once nonetheless.13 She has since become the kids' mentor and adviser on their quest to become Master Librarians of Time.Yeah, mum and dad already did that, acknowledged Annie, at the grocery store.