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The earliest known posting of the photoshopped version is from November 12th, 2006 in a LastFM 4chan forum thread.
Usage of the emoticon to continuously grew on 4chan throughout the year.Wikipedia _, otherwise known as the look of disapproval, is a character sequence commonly used as a reaction emoticon to express ones disapproval or disbelief.6 dancing 1 4 comments.Spread, the earliest known mention of _ on 4chan can be found in an /b/ thread titled epic fail guy gravity archived on May 31st, 2007.On Facebook, the official Facebook page for _ has over 13,188 likes as of September 2011.
It wasnt until April 2009 when the emoticon became associated with a look of disapproval.
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In October 2007, a question was posted on Yahoo Answers about the sequence instruction for using.Meme o'rly owl japanese throwing sparkles / gratz japanese happy animal face japanese animal japanese angel japanese taking a memo smiling eye roll very happy, licking lips.Origin, the unicode character comes from the letter ha in Kannada, one of the major Dravidian languages of India that is influenced by Sanskrit.So many Lennys ( ) ( ) ) ( ) 3 acrobat distiller 5.0 mac 1 comment, disturbing Smile.In response to a posted picture of baby chickens under a heat lamp, titled "Hot Chicks".The Wikitionary entry for _ was first submitted on July 25th, 2009, which describes the emoticon as being created on the same principle as o_O, but using a Unicode character which more closely resembles an eye with an eyebrow.