kutools for excel 2003

Split Data : This utility can mylius sans regular font split data in a range into multiple worksheets based on specific columns or fixed rows.
You can easily convert a single value or volume values from a range cells, and get the latest exchange rates at any time by updating from the reliable website (requires Internet connection).
For example, it can easily convert and identify the following styles of date (such as " " :12:13.14PM " 2012.8.13 to the local date format (US) pashto urdu bol chal book as "8/25/2012 "1/2/2003 11:12:13 PM and "8/13/2012" in Excel.You can add text prefix or suffix and specify the number of digits for the number.Transpose Table Dimensions: With this handy Transpose Table Dimension utility, you can conveniently convert a cross (two-dimensional) table to a flat (one-dimensional) list at once, and vice verse.More Tips for Microsoft Excel 2007, 2010, 20Classic Menu for Office, brings the familiar classic menus and toolbars back to Microsoft Office 2007, 2010, 20You can use Office 2007/2010/2013/2016 immediately without any training.You can quickly swap the cells or ranges on the same worksheet, on different worksheets or different workbooks.Unhide All Windows: Unhide all hidden workbooks with one click.Synchronize Worksheets: Quickly toggle all the worksheets of the active workbook pointing on the same row number (each worksheet has the same range selection and upper left cell as the active sheet).Menus tab, and get the, print Preview button in the toolbars.Free Download Now (32 bit 64 bit for Company: To deploy this software in your organization or enterprise and change the default settings for all users, the MSI file (Microsoft Installer file) is recommended.Apply Date Formatting: With this utility you can quickly change the date formatting of the selected range.
Classic Menu for Office, it includes Classic Menu for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher, Access, InfoPath, Visio and Project 2010, 20Classic Menu for Office 2007 It includes Classic Menu for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and Outlook 2007.
Flip Vertical Range Flip all cells in the selection vertically with one click.
To minimize the ribbon, hide the status bar and the formula bar;.
Quickly merge / combine all worksheets of same name across workbooks into one worksheet;.
Show Columns : With this utility, you can quickly toggle hidden columns visibility with one click.Usage: 1: Select a cell where to start import pictures.Combine (Worksheets With this utility, you can easily:.Select Cells with Max or Min Value: This tool does not only select the minimum or maximum value in a selected range of cells but also goes to the exact position of the minimum or maximum value.The software is described below, arranged by the Ribbon group in which they appear.Alternate Row / Column Shading: Quickly apply shading to alternate rows for a range cells in a worksheet from using the Conditional Formatting and standard formatting to improve the readability of your worksheet in Excel, and you don't need to know how to use the.