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A house will ask you for an upgrade once you've given it so many gifts.
There's no rule that says the fish tycoon with crack goals have to be completed in a certain order.When your tenants leave your rental income for that house will go down.Garbage trucks-If the lots need cleaning send the garbage trucks to the lots immediately.FUN city You start with zero dollars.Not a lot of green spaces lit up as I was placing the furniture so I had to place most of it on the yellow surfaces.
Follow the same steps as described above in the Lightning Bolt Sign section.
One more time buy 1,000 lot and place another 8,000 house.
Magic city 7-1 You start with 20,000.You'll notice in the goals tab that you will have tabs on the left side.Upgrade them only if you think you have enough money to make it to your goal.This step is very important or you will not be able to pass the next level.Requirements needed before buildinouse: Buying your lot and cleaning it are not the only requirements that you will need before you build your house, you will need the right amount of money, electricity and water.There will be a lot of houses asking for upgrades at once, try and upgrade as much as you can since it brings you extra income.