indic font windows xp

Dorje Shedrub 22:30, 30 December 2005 (UTC) Tibetan is an Indic script so if you find any specific information for it, then you should probably add it here.
Please click here-this link- to provide help to update "IPA transliteration for Indic Languages" article for Marathi wikipedia We seek and request for help in updating above mentioned article and would like to know relevant resources and refferences in respect of Devanagari and IPA.Oh and I have Norwegian Win XP with the complex script box checked.I was oracle soa suite 11g handbook using Firefox, and just this moment updated to Graphite-enabled Deer Park, which helps (Burmese rendering is better than it was, but still not perfect).This is same for all the computers that I used (ie my computer, school's computers, library's computers and other computers).How to Enable Unicode Indic in Windows 98?NA, this page does not require a rating business information systems books on the project's quality scale.I have followed your lead a sent Bug Report:417981.However, I can read Indic text properly on all other websites (including Wiktionary (English and other) and Wikipedias in other languages etc.) and in English Wikipedia edit boxes whilst editing.Unfortunately, it always goes back to normal after a while.The main template "IndicText" is designed to slot neatly over infoboxes on the right hand side.I see all of the rendering checks are working correctly on Chrome 26 / Mac OSX.8.3 with no special configuration coole mmorpg games ohne or language setup.
You can find these converters, hERE.
Hintha ( talk ) 23:05, (UTC) I have added more help and the template Burmese characters to Viewing Indic text.
megA ( talk ) 10:41, (UTC) Yep.
I am sick and tired of zooming into the screen in order to read Bengali fonts and them not supporting Bengali fonts.
Note: In order to use this font, "Supplemental Language Support" must be activated.
The page should be modified to reflect this.I had multi-language support enabled in Windows, but it did not help me out.I use Firefox (V10.0) on a Mac OS X (V10.6.8).Language: English, directX End-User Runtime Web Installer, microsoft Font Development Training Series: This step-by-step tutorial will help you learn more about hinting Indic fonts with VTT.Gujarati Indic Input and 4 more programs.Unicode Enable Help, how To Read Write in Unicode.Then the Burmese script showed.Asking the question there would have been better.Sukh Talk 11:37, 31 December 2005 (UTC) I'm at a disadvantage in that I can't read Tibetan.It gets very annoying if the application becomes very unresponsive.Please make it supported by Windows XP x64 edition?What do you think?megA ( talk ) 16:41, (UTC) This is because nobody filled in the Lao column yet.They look fine on pages such as t/font_problem, and in the edit window of Wikipedia, but as soon as I hit Show preview or Save page, they break apart.