igi 1 cheats unlimited health and ammo

You will have to download the software from the link that I will provide you a little later in this post.
Locate the ai folder in the mmonai directory and duplicate.Do you enjoy playing IGI2?Qvm file to replace each of the other non-civilian qvm files but with the file names previously listed.Note this involves moving and renaming critical game files.Then Go to the "ai" folder inside of the "common" folder.
Note: Make backups before altering game files!
Enter these codes during game play after typing nada at the main menu.
F4 - Pressing this key will give you unlimited Grenades.
Locate common/ai, folder on Project IGI Program Folder.Update the "ammo_ID_makarovclip, 64" value to "ammo_ID_makarovclip, 99".It's because the is really tough and you can't complete whole film korea the heirs episode 15 subtitle indonesia IGI 2 without using it's cheat codes.Then inside the ai folder, delete two files: default.Follow each step and after that you will be able get unlimited health and ammo in IGI2.Backup a copy of ai folder.After reading this post you will be able to play this game without losing any health and ammo.If you enjoyed reading this article then please leave a comment or subscribe to our newsletter to get all the future posts delivered to your feed reader or you email desk.Note, you can also accomplish this by editing only the settings.All you need to do is open the downloaded software and than after opening start playing IGI2.Qvm (replacing the ones you deleted).Of course you like this game.Now see the video given below: That's All about getting unlimited ammo and health in IGI2.F5 - After pressing the F5 key you will be back to normal.