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21 Knowledge-driven human-computer interaction edit In human and computer interactions, there usually exists a semantic gap between human and computer's understandings towards mutual behaviors.
Available online at ml "The Case for HCI Design Patterns".
Kaptelinin, Victor (2012 Activity Theory.
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19 Perceptual principles edit.
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In computer-supported cooperative work (cscw emphasis is placed on the use of computing systems in support of the collaborative work of a group of people.Morgan Kaufmann, San Francisco 1995 isbn Mithun Ahamed, Developing a Message Interface Architecture for Android Operating Systems, (2015).New display technologies are finally maturing, enabling very large displays and displays that are thin, lightweight, and low in power use.A design must accept this fact and utilize consistency among different displays.Much of this research draws from psychology, social psychology, and sociology.When pursuing a cognitivist perspective, researchers of HCI may seek to align computer interfaces with the mental model that humans have of their activities.