halo reach all armor hack

like you hitting a Mechon.
Ironically, the Zodiac Spear, most powerful of them all, is actually the easiest of the game's uber-weapons to get.
It requires you to get the Golden Axe first, a very powerful overhead weapon that can only be crafted with a very rarely-dropped soul.
Made harder in DS by the fact that you can't save scum the mines until you have six Mythic Stones - you can only posess one of them at a time.The World Ends with You : Most of the Gatito threads, which you can get after beating the main game (with the exception of Pi-Face's Cap as well as the samurai gear, and some of the weirder clothing you get while collecting the Secret Reports.Unluckily, this enemy is extremely difficult for no apparent reason.It IS the Soul Edge we are talking about.Once you do, your car becomes the Infinity Minus One Car.
This is on top of the basic bonuses the sword provides.
And the items ARE worth it, even.
What's also neat about it is that, unlike.The Power of the Dragon Father is a Set artifact that combines every Dragon themed artifact.When all upgrades are bought, a ridiculously expensive one becomes available."Rocky s confidence grew.She could easily defeat the Final Boss (who even cuts your characters' power in half and gets guaranteed critical hits under half HP ) single handedly, without even gaining a level in her life, due to the tome giving her insane stat buffs and negating.Some of the unlockable mecha pass into this, like Great Zeyormer in J, Shin Getter and Sanger Zonvolt and his Thrud gelmir in Alpha Gaiden, the HM Black Selena in R, and the Gespenst Type S and Visaga in Original Generation.It's up to you.In Quake, the lightning gun comes close to such a true weapon, especially when Quadded, and approaches a GM-level, Not Meant For Mortals level of weapon.It's also very heavy and has a long time between shots.Unfortunately, because it was only attainable with the Warden's Keep DLC, you couldn't import it to Awakening or any other DLC campaign without the aid of mods.Kirby: Squeak Squad also featured the Ghost ability, which allows Kirby to take control of any enemy.Granted, you'll still be an unstoppable force of mass destruction until about Level 18, but its main appeal has always been either snl season 38 episode 2 sniping or use.A.T.S.