gta eflc mods ps3

Rating:.54 based on 767 votes, simple Native Trainer.5 for GTA 4 and eflc.
Fade Out, download, advertising, favorites, here you can add this modification to your personal favorites.Like, for Adder, the original value was "160 so it became "320 For entity, the original value was "155 so it became "310".Update.9: - Included the new vehicles from January 2016 update (Banshee 900R and Sultan RS) - Included the upcoming Valentines dlc "new" vehicle (another Roosevelt) Location of new handlings: update.8: - new DLCs (Executives and Other Criminals, and christmas 2015 game 7 wonders full dlc) ALL vehicles.Remove images from WTD files.I wanna to mod consoles version of gtaiv/MC:LA/RDR.
It add two new vehicles, an oldschool hearse and another hotrod it's updated automatically with the lowriders dlc update.
Also you can convert WTD file into OTD (openFormats).
Thanks to its author!
But my recomendation: test it by default first, and only tweak the ones that you feel that is needed.
Supercars reach 200 mph, normal cars 120, decent ones a bit more, old/rusted ones a bit less.For example Max Payne 3 or next GTA.And his time I give you other option too: a version that the only tweak I do was reduce the drag coefficient value.The other values are all the original ones, which maintain the original equilibrium.sorry for english Show Full Description First Uploaded: June 17, 2015 Last Updated: October 01, 2017 Last Downloaded: 30 minutes ago.