general knowledge quiz and answers 2015

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Which is the national flower of Australia?Henry Cooper and Kevin Keegan both appeared in adverts for what learn spanish book pdf after shave?A Russian military jet engaged in a bombing mission in Syria was shot down by which country in November for allegedly violating its airspace?Who is the wife of musician Jamie Cullum?Answer Ireland and Russia From David Williams.But which country did they beat in the final?
Which European country, in May, became the first to legalise same-sex marriage by a popular vote?
By what name had the British media dubbed him before his identity had been revealed?
What was the co-pilots name?
Which of the following books is not part of Pentateuch?
In which country did the attack take place?Philip Treacy is known as a designer of what?Who in January became the first woman in the UK to be ordained as a bishop?Read More Quizzes 60 general knowledge questions 50 general knowledge questions Christmas movie quiz Which celebrity said what about the EU?Petersburg Updated: March 26, 2017 3:39.New Zealand won the Rugby World Cup in October, but which All Blacks star gave away his winners medal to a young fan?Which long running TV series opened its first ever episode with the line.'Now the next thing you've got to do is get a signwriter in'.Subbuteo From Ian Butler.